Map of Ängebytjärnet
Karta Ängebytjärnet

Welcome to Ängebytjärnen - Åmåls own troutwater. For the comfort of all our guest, please keep the area clean and respect the regulations.
Have a nice time!
Fishing license is sold in Åmåls Tourist Information and Örnäs Camping.
  • A license must be bought before fishing takes start.
  • The fishing license is valid for 24 hours.
  • Wear the license visible to the supervisor.
  • Allowed tackle: Fly and spinnrod.
  • No fishing from boat is allowed.
  • The license is valid only when date and definite time is marked.
  • The license must not be transfored to another person.
  • Maximum 3 fishes/license.
  • No kind of bait is allowed.
  • You are obliged to show the license to the supervisor.
Please follow these regulations - trespassers will be reported to the police.
Firelightning is allowed, provided there is no fire risk in the area. It is your responsability to make sure that no uncontrolled fires are started. Use the prepared fire-places. Make sure that the fires are properly put out. During dry periods, a general ban of lightning fires may be declared.

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