The IN Åmål project was run by Åmål municipality with the support of the Asylum, Migrations and Integration Fund 2020-2022. The target group was jobseeking third-country nationals with residence permit, living in Åmål municipality.

The goal was to streamline the establishment of new arrivals in the municipality and shorten the path to self-sufficiency. The project also aimed to ensure that skills demanded by employers in Åmål municipality are available and meet recruitment needs both in the short and long term.

Models created and developed during the project period:

  1. Mapping
  2. Labour market knowledge
  3. Health school
  4. Professional competence assessment
  5. Workplace introduction with reinforced individual support
  6. Start your own business

Under the Models in English, you can download models that you are interested in and that may be useful in your business.

Project models

The activities were carried out in the project's activity house Ågården in central Åmål. There was also an information office where third-country nationals and new residents of Åmål received guidance on issues concerning society and help with contacts with authorities.

Based on the models and the activities developed in the project, the participants were offered training in how the Swedish labor market works (target group women), health and self-care, everyday Swedish, professional Swedish through introductory courses in care and diet / kitchen and courses in starting a business. By participating in IN Åmål, job seekers had the opportunity to undergo a workplace introduction and have previous professional experience and training validated through a professional competence assessment.



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